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Parent Tips: Bath Time and Speech

Parents always ask me for tips to work on their child’s language skills at home.  One of my favorite parent tips is bath time!!  Bath time is a great time to work on your child’s language and articulation skills.  If you have a young child, parent supervision is already needed while they are in the tub.  So why not turn it into a language enriched time?  Here’s some tips!

Bath Time and Speech

Tips for Bath Time Speech

  1. Foam letters:  You can work on naming the letters, working on the sounds each letter makes, formulating simple words to work on articulation and literacy skills.  For slightly older children, give them a letter and see if they can come up with an animal starting with that letter.
  2. Reading:  For active kiddos, use bath time as reading time.  As they play in the water, read a short story or picture book.  For toddlers, purchase the waterproof books.

3.   Flash cards:  Use a flashcards while your child is in the bath to work on sight words, letters, math facts, articulation target words, etc!  Just be sure to keep them dry.

4.  Sequencing:  Talk with your child about what you do first (turn the water on) and sequence the steps of getting the bath ready.  Discuss what you need (towel, soap, shampoo, etc.)  Be sure to use words like first, next and last.

5.  Body Parts:  Your little one can work on body parts and following simple directions. An example of a simple direction would be “wash your feet” or “put soap on your tummy.”

Families are busy in today’s time.  Parents are more likely to use ideas that can be incorporated in everyday activities.  Bath time can be a fun and enjoyable while still being language enriched.  Have fun with it!

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