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Cupcake Craft for Speech Therapy

During “Pinkalicious” week, we made a cupcake craft as our speech therapy activity.  It was pink, adorable and looked good enough to eat!  The best part about it was the easy prep!  Of course, the cupcakes we made were pink but you could easily use other colors.

Cupcake Craft for Speech Therapy


half of a paper plate for each child (I used the big plates)

1 “cupcake liner” made from scrapbook paper

pieces of pink tissue paper (or any color you desire)

red pompom (cherry) for each student (optional)

confetti (sprinkles) OPTIONAL

Using the Craft During Speech Therapy

It’s simple.  Prep everything ahead of time if you work with little ones.  Cut the bottom part of your cupcakes from scrapbook paper or construction paper.  Cut your tissue paper into small squares.  I used a heart shaped hole puncher for my “sprinkles” but you could use confetti or even real sprinkles.


Give the child the paper plate half.  For each word, she can produce correctly 5x, glue 3 tissue paper squares on it.  Repeat until the paper plate is covered in pink.  Then glue the bottom on the plate.  As she says another target word correctly, she can add sprinkles.  For the last target word said correctly, she get the cherry on top!  Write the target words addressed on the cupcake liner (aka the scrapbook paper).


You can use it as reinforcer like above as one option.  Perform a language task, earn a piece of the craft.  I used the craft to work requesting, as well as teaching the concepts “top” and “bottom.”  My little friend had to request “more” each time she needed more tissue paper.  Then we talked about the sprinkles and cherry go on the top of the cupcake, while the stripes (the liner) goes on the bottom.

The cupcake craft worked well for my speech therapy sessions.  It helped me address all my clients’ goals while still having fun!  Then I needed to come home and eat a cupcake!  You could easily use this craft with “Camilla the Cupcake Fairy” or “If You Give a Cat a Cupcake.”

You can check out my activity packet on TpT that goes with “Pinkalicious” as well as see the other activities we did this week!



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