Speech Chick’s Friday Favs: Graphic Tees

During the month of July, I decided to change it up a little.  You know, write about something other than speech therapy stuff.  It’s my birthday month so I figured I’d write about some my favorites.  The first favorite is graphic tees!  Seriously, if graphic tees could be a stock on NYSE, I would buy a huge chunk of it!  (That’s legit stock trader talk, right?)  I wear tees pretty much everyday with my scrub pants.  They let me exercise my personality without being over the top…and without giving up too much comfort!

Speech Chick's Fav Graphic Tees

I have some favorites that I am bringing to you today.  These are in no particular order because… picking a favorite tee is like picking your favorite kid.  It’s just not possible.

“But First Tupac” from One Messy Bun 

When I saw this shirt pop up on One Messy Bun’s social media, I knew I had to have it.   It brought back memories of high school and hanging out with my friends…you know that younger, simpler time.  One Messy Bun does have some comfy tees though!  I can put this shirt on with a pair of scrub pants and go.  I don’t have to worry about being uncomfortable and fidgeting with my clothes.

“Unicorn Tee” from Lexi’s Loft

This is a new tee to my collection but it quickly rose to the top.  I mean, who doesn’t love unicorns?!  We all have those things we really wished we could get out of.  The tee provides the perfect (and sarcastic) excuse…I need to walk my unicorn.

Lexi's Loft Unicorn Tee

“You Your You’re” from Thread Tank

As an SLP, what’s not to love about this tee?  It’s all about the grammar baby!

The Ultimate SLP tee

“Building My Empire” from Trendy Sparrow

I love this tee!  When I wear it, I feel empowered.  It makes me feel like a total girl boss.  I pair it with a bright pink scrubs, black converse and a little bling (usually simple pearl earrings).  Whether you are self-employed or not, you are always building your empire.  TeachersPayTeachers creators are a prime example!

Ultimate SLP boss Tee

Literally ANY shirt from Oliver and Otis

This company is from Texas…so OF COURSE, I love them!  They have great tees that are comfy and are easily dressed up or down.  I can’t even begin to tell you how many of their shirts I have.  While several of their shirts are centered around the lone star state, many are not (like this one below).  They have great little sayings on them that provide a positive word.  My favorite is the one that says “Make everyone feel like a somebody.”

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 7.11.45 AM.png

“Autism Puzzle Piece” from Blue Envelope 

I super puffy heart this shirt from Blue Envelope!  Perfect for the month of April (Autism Awareness Month) or anytime of year!

Autism Awareness Puzzle Tee


Bonus Fav: “Your Words Matter” by Nicole Allison and Rachel Jones

This one I am afraid is no longer available.  But I love it!  The purple, the message, the feel…just everything is greatness!  I get more compliments on this shirt from non-speech therapists so I know the message is getting out there!


These are just a few of my favorites that I thought I would share with you!  I provided links to all of them so feel free to shop!  I receive NO compensation for any sales.  These are just truly some of my most favorite, MOST WORN tees.  Grab you some cute new tees just in time for school to start back up!

Next Week’s Friday Favs: ACCESSORIES! (heart eyes emoji!)


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