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Unicorn Crafts for Speech Therapy

During our week with “Goldilicious,” we made unicorns in speech therapy!  The girls loved it.  I loved it!  The crafts were seriously adorable.  Plus it totally fed my need to be 8 years old again and let my unicorn loving side show!

Unicorn Crafts for Speech Therapy

Unicorn Craft #1 for Speech Therapy

This was pretty cute from Glued to My Crafts.  I used it for my girls working on language goals.  We could work on “more,” asking questions, spatial concepts (like the horn is on top) as well as colors and simple body parts (eyes, hair, ears, nose).

Paper Plate Unicorn - Kid Craft

Unicorn Craft for Articulation

To make this craft, you can use the word strip from my “Golden Speech and Language” packet.  Just print the word strips out on colored paper.  (I used Astrobrights!)  You still need a paper plate, wiggle and golden horn like the craft above.  Instead, cut a unicorn head shape from the paper plate.  Glue the word strips “mane” on the ridges of the paper.  I used pink glitter glue to make the nose.  Instead of the using the word strips, you could use yarn like above.

Unicorn Craft for Speech Therapy


Unicorns and “Goldlicious” was a fun week in speech therapy.  Although I only have 4-5 girls on my caseload, it is definitely worth the extra work!  You see our week with “Goldilicious” here!

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