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Little Blue Truck Activity for Speech Therapy

During our road transportation theme, I used “Little Blue Truck” in some of my speech therapy sessions. They loved it! To be honest, so did I. The kids loved the story, the animal noises, and saying “Beep!” I used the book with my preschool population.  Most of my clients at that age are working on simple basic concepts, naming objects and following directions. The craft we did during speech therapy hit on all of those goals!  Plus you could use it for articulation!

You can actually do this craft one of two ways: cut a truck out of a paper plate or use this freebie.  Either way, you need the animals page of the freebie!  Whichever way you decide to do the craft, you still need a sheet of brown construction paper.  If you use the entire freebie, just cut the truck out to place in the mud.

Little Blue Truck Craft for Speech Therapy
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If you choose to make the truck from a paper plate, you need blue paint/crayons, 2  black circles (tires) and 2 small black rectangles (bumpers for the truck).  Have the kids paint and assemble the truck.  Cut out a “blob” from the brown paper to resemble mud.  Glue the truck in the mud.  Then have them color and cut out the animals.  (To save time, you can cut out the animals.)  Have the child pick up an animal, name it and then follow the direction such as “Put the chicken on top of the truck.”  To have the child use the concept, ask where he put the chicken.  After all the animals have been placed on the craft, review concepts by asking where an animal is.  The child should give the location using the concept.

Little Blue Truck Craft for Speech Therapy

To use as an articulation activity, prepare it all the same way.  To earn an animal, the child say a target word correctly 5x.  Then he can glue the animal on/in/around the truck.

Both of these little crafts are fun to make!  What’s your favorite road transportation craft?

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