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Flag Craft for Speech Therapy

This week in speech therapy it is all things red,white, blue and stars!  We are making flags this week in my speech sessions!  It’s an easy craft that you can use to address all types of goals!



1 sheet of black construction paper for each student

1 blue rectangle for each student

4 red stripes and 3 white stripes for each student

STARS!  This one can take all forms!  In craft pictured, I used large stars cut from cute scrapbook paper.  This year, I plan to use foil star stickers.  You could also have the kids use a sponge and paint or Q-Tips and paint…totally up to you!


You can write  target words on the stripes if you choose.  Or you can write the target words on the bottom or the back of the paper.  I like to have the target words somewhere on our craft so the kids can practice at home!  Each time the child says a target word, he can earn a stripe or a star.


To address grammar and sentence structure, write sentences on each stripe.  Then cut each stripe apart.  Be sure to keep the pieces of each stripe together.  Before the child can glue the stripe on, he must put the sentence together.

For the younger kiddos working on spatial concepts, increasing MLU and colors, it’s easy enough!  Little ones can work on the increased MLU by requesting pieces like “I want the red stripe” or “Red stripe please.”  You can work on the concept of “above” or “over” (depending on your phrasing such as “Put the white stripe over/above the red stripe.”) and “on” (such as “put the star on the blue rectangle.”)  The SLP will be able to easily work on red, blue and white throughout the activity.


This craft will look a lot like the grammar/sentence structure flag EXCEPT do not cut the stripes apart.  Each sentence stays in one entire piece.  I wrote sentences on each stripe.  When the child could produce the sentence fluently, he glued the stripe on the paper.  It gave us time to practice strategies in a structured situation.

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Wishing everyone a safe and happy 4th!




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