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Speech Therapy Theme Review: Watermelons

To finish up May, we had a watermelon theme for our speech therapy sessions. (Yes, I know…a little behind)  It was lots of fun for the kids.

Watermelon Theme for Speech Therapy
The book we read was probably my favorite part of the week. “The Watermelon Seed” is about a crocodile who loves watermelon until he swallows a seed. Then he panics as he visualizes the watermelon growing inside his stomach. We’ve all been there as a kid, right? I know my grandpa had me convinced a watermelon would grow in my stomach if I swallowed a seed.

Watermelon Seed, The by [Pizzoli, Greg]

Watermelon Craft for Speech Therapy

Our craft was an easy one that was adapted from articulation sessions to preschool language sessions to school age language to fluency.  Yep, I covered just about everyone with this craft!  You don’t need much…pieces of red and green construction paper, glue, black beads and a sheet of construction paper for each student.  ( I used yellow to put our watermelons on).  We glued a row of green construction paper pieces first.  Then filled it in with red.  To top it off, we used black beads as the watermelon seeds.

Watermelon craft for speech therapy

Articulation clients had to produce a target word 5x in order to get 2-3 pieces of paper for the craft.  As you can see we got in lots of reps!  My tots and preschool clients had to request colors like “I want green” or “more red please.”  With my school age and fluency clients, I made a print out that was glued to the bottom of their craft.Watermelon Craft for Speech TherapyTo finish off the week, I gave out watermelon flavored juice mixes.  I have several clients with  food allergies or restricted diets, so this is a reward most of my kiddos can have.  They can just mix it with a bottle of water!

Watermelon Theme for Speech Therapy

Watermelons is a perfect theme for the summer whether you are summer school SLP or a year round therapist like me.  If you are able to bring in watermelons for a snack, that’s even better!!

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Watermelon Articulation Packet

Watermelon Concept Book for Speech Therapy

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