Themed Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy Theme Review: Watermelons

To finish up May, we had a watermelon theme for our speech therapy sessions. (Yes, I know...a little behind)  It was lots of fun for the kids. The book we read was probably my favorite part of the week. "The Watermelon Seed" is about a crocodile who loves watermelon until he swallows a seed. Then… Continue reading Speech Therapy Theme Review: Watermelons

Hands On Therapy Activities

Inexpensive Ice Cream Speech Therapy Activities

If you are wanting another "cheap ideas" post for speech therapy, you are in luck!  Today, I am bringing you some cheap ideas to do during an ice cream theme! (You can read my theme review here.)  You can use these to address articulation or language.  I try my best to keep them open ended.  All… Continue reading Inexpensive Ice Cream Speech Therapy Activities

Themed Speech Therapy

Picking Flowers in Speech Therapy

I have seen this little idea for fine motor all over Pinterest. I said to myself, "Self, that's pretty darn cute. I need to make that for my toddlers and young preschool clients. I know I can use it in speech therapy." So that's what I did! Of course, I went to my favorite Dollar… Continue reading Picking Flowers in Speech Therapy