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Setting Up Thematic Speech Therapy: Part 4

You’ve gotten through the hard parts of setting up a thematic unit for speech therapy out of the way. Now, comes the easy part! I like to add supplemental activities to my sessions. Quick little 5 minute activities that can be used at the end of a session. Soemtimes, they are seen as a reward. Other times, just a little extra practice.

Thematic Speech Therapy

Sensory Bins For Speech Therapy

Sensory bins are great to use as a lesson or at the end of a session!  I like to use them as articulation reinforcement at the end of a session.  Kids see them a “game” or  a reward while I can still get in some work before our session is over.  Other times, a sensory bin is our main activity!  Some of my favorite sensory bins was during our snow theme.  I had 3 different bins that addressed varying speech and language tasks.  Big hit in our speech therapy sessions!!  Since I travel from client to client, mini sensory bins are great for me!  You can see my mini sensory bin that I used during our spring theme.

I used this sensory bin during spider week. Clients had to find the spiders and sort them!

Apps for Speech Therapy

Before each theme, I search the app store for apps that go with my theme.  Sometimes, I find great ones…sometimes not so much.  Some of my favorites were during our Halloween theme!  I wrote an entire blog post on my favorites (Psssst go check it out.  There’s a freebie!)  If I don’t find an app I like for my theme, it’s ok.   Not a big deal!  I can make an interactive book or game to take it’s place.

Games for Speech Therapy

Ok, I view games as supplemental but it still can be the main activity if you choose.  I used to ALWAYS do a game the second session of the week.  Then I got away from doing that.  Now we do a craft, quick game, an app or a sensory bin.  I change it up.  Depending on the game, it may not cover all your needs.  I work with a lot of young preschool and toddlers.  Games are not always appropriate for them.  One of my favorite games to use with my school age kids is “Hoppers.”  It is a problem solving game that taps into that critical thinking area.  It was our game during the frog theme.  Another simple “game” you can make is Feed the Frog.  I used it with my young preschoolers all the way up to 1st grade age.  Kids see it as a game but you can still get tons of targets addressed in 5 minutes!

Toys and Puzzles in Speech Therapy

Melissa and Doug have great puzzles and toys that could be used in your speech therapy sessions.  My little guys love those last 5-7 minutes of therapy when I pull out a toy or puzzle!  You can shop Amazon for great toys or watch your local HomeGoods, TJ Maxx, Ross and Marshalls!  That’s where most of my Melissa and Doug products come from.  Use them in your sessions and you’ll get tons of spontaneous language as well as time to work on carryover for artic!

Ok that’s it!  The last of our series in planning a thematic speech therapy session!  It’s summer time so use this time to work on getting your themes together.  Start small.  Pick one month and make ONE week’s worth of activities for it.  Start easy too.  Pick a week with a holiday!  You can do this!!!

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