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Cheap Frog Ideas for Speech Therapy

A couple of weeks ago we talked about frogs in speech therapy.  I had already written up my theme review at the time I came up with these cute little ideas.  So I decided to write a separate short post about the cheap frog fun I found at the Dollar Tree!  That means you can find all these fun ideas for at least $1!!  Cheap and easy fun that can easily have language and articulation built in?  Awesome, especially this time of year!

Frog Jumping Game

You can buy the ENTIRE game for just $1!  I happen to find it in the toy section.  Panda Speech has a great little articulation game companion that you could use with it!

Feed the Frog

This one is pretty easy and maybe the most expensive (like I spent all of $3 on this one!)  I bought a 2 pack of small containers (food storage section) with a green flip lid and 2 packages of plastic bugs (toy section).   At first, I drew eyes and facial features on with a marker.  That’s because I made it 5 minutes before I went in to see my client.  Now that I have more time, I glued wiggly eyes and a tongue on.  I will be switching this tongue from a construction paper one to a felt one.  Once your frog is ready, get out your plastic bugs.  I worked on following directions, colors, the concept “in,” irregular past tense verbs (“ate” as in “the frog ate the fly”) as well as reinforced articulation drill.

Swatting Flies

This is my last cheap activity and it’s CHEAP!  I found this cute frog fly swatter at the dollar store (yes Dollar Tree!)  This is all you need besides this freebie. (You can snag this freebie in my free resource library! Sign up here.)  If you work with groups, you could use more than one swatter.  I see kids individually so I just bought one.  Print the freebie.  Laminate and cut out the flies.  Lay the flies on the table, floor or tape them to your wall/dry erase board.  Choose a target word/skill, and have the child practice it.  Then they can swat the fly!  It’s a great reinforce and (depending on how you set it up) gets the kids up and moving!

Now go grab all the materials you need to make these activities!!  You won’t need much money!!

Needing some ideas for a frog theme in your speech therapy sessions? Check out this post for help!

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