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Speech Therapy Themes: Frogs Part 2

This week in speech therapy we are talking about frogs.  I like it when a theme gives me language lessons without much effort on my part.  The theme lends itself to great describing words like slippery, slimy and gross!

Frog Books for Speech Therapy

I have two favorites that I always use for my frog theme.  I should probably shop for a new one but I love these two!

“The Wide Mouthed Frog” is by far my favorite!  Pop-up books are so much fun with preschoolers.  This book also uses descriptive words for each of the animals.  I made a character analysis (you can find it in my frog packet) that is great for using the descriptive traits and recalling facts from the story.

“The Icky Sticky Frog” is another favorite.  The story is slightly longer (but not by much).  The preschool population will still enjoy this book.  This book has great sound effects which will make the kids want to join in!  “Shhhhh” and “Slurp” are great for your articulation clients!

Sensory Box for Frogs

This sensory bin is so super easy!  It can easily be put in your lesson plans for speech therapy.  I made mini box to make it easier to travel with.  These materials in a larger box/bin would be tons of fun too!  I put plastic frogs (of different sizes) and blue water beads in my bin.  We sorted big/little frogs, followed directions, worked on “in” and “out,” as well as used them with our vocabulary mats.  So easy and fun!

Sensory Bin with Water Beads and Plastic Frogs

Frog Crafts for Speech Therapy

I have two crafts that I choose from during frog week.  One of them is in my frog packet (you can find it here!)  For this craft, all you need is a paper bag for each child, a frog face (in the packet), a strip of red construction paper and the target words (also in the packet). Color the frog face, cut out and glue on the flap of the paper bag.  Cut out the target words.  Fold the red strip accordion style.  Glue the “tongue” (red strip) under the bag flap.  As the child practices the words correctly, he can glue a target word on the tongue.

Articulation Activity for Frog Week

The second craft is just as easy!  Paint a large paper plate green.  Fold in half.  Cut out 2 large circles from green paper.  Cut 2 medium circles from white paper. On the white circles, color a black circle on each.  Glue the green circles on the fold of the plate.  Then glue the white circles on the green circles. Those are your frog’s eyes.  Cut a long strip from red paper to make the tongue. Roll around a pencil so that it is curly.  Glue the tongue in the fold of the plate.  Done!  You have a frog!

Language Activity for Frog Week

Game to Use In Speech Therapy

I have a game I love to use!  It is great for problem solving.  “Hoppers” is great for older kids.  I use it with my elementary age clients as well as my fluency clients.  Set the puzzle up and jump all the frogs until only the red frog remains.  I like the critical thinking the kids have to do in order to solve the problem.

Traveling Edition of Hoppers

Be sure to check out some of my other spring themes like bugs or butterflies! You can also check out my VERY first blog post about frog week here! This post has several ideas to use frog themed activities you can make or buy for super cheap!!

Shop my TpT store too!  You can find a cute interactive frog book that addresses “under.”

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