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Setting Up Thematic Speech Therapy: Part 2

Now that you’ve chosen a theme, you need to start preparing your speech therapy materials.  I start with books.  I try to pick several different books to cover age ranges, attention span and language targets.  Sometimes, it is easy.  But sometimes it’s not!  The book you choose sets the tone for your speech therapy sessions.  I like to design activities or craft projects around the book-not necessarily the theme.

Don’t Settle On Just One Book for Speech Therapy

Like I said earlier, pick several books.  I usually have one for my preschool clients, one for school age clients and maybe one for my toddlers, clients with Autism or short attention spans, or articulation clients.  At any given time, there are at least 2-3 books in my theme bin.  You can look at my speech therapy theme review about snow to see how and why I chose so many books!

Snow Books for Speech Therapy        Snow Books for Speech Therapy     Snow Books for Speech Therapy

Textures for Little Guys

“Touchy feely” books are great for toddlers, young preschool kids as well as kiddos with Autism or Down’s Syndrome.  It keeps them engaged as well as gives a concrete meaning to an otherwise abstract idea.  I chose a large dinosaur book that had assorted textures…you can read about it here!  Usborne Books and More publishes a set of books called “That’s Not My…” Each book has a variety of textures and bright colors.  You can read why I recommend them for speech therapy here!

Dinosaur Book for Speech Therapy

Make Visuals To Go With The Book

The “Old Lady” books work great with visuals!  I like to have a playdough smash mat and a jar of playdough when I read her books.  As we read, the kids can smash a piece of playdough on the item she swallowed.  The visuals are also great for countdown books like “Five Little Ladybugs.”

Ladybug book for speech therapy

Check Your Language Targets

What are your clients’ goals?  Choose books that go along with those.  Need work with describing?  I used “Big Bugs Pop Up Book” during my bug unit and “The Wide Mouthed Frog” during the frog unit.  Need help with manners?  I liked “What the Dinosaurs Did Last Night” or any Curious George book!  Use the book to discuss what should have happened or the better choices that could have been made by the characters.  Got kiddos that need to work on using “she?”  The “Old Lady” books are a perfect choice!

The bottom line is choose books that are engaging and enjoyable.  If the kids like the book, they’ll get great stuff from the therapy session.  If won’t even feel like you are working very hard!

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