Fluttering Through Speech Therapy

This week is speech therapy, we are talking about butterflies!  This theme is great to stretch from your little ones to school age kids.  It’s the last theme in our bug unit so I try to save the best stuff for last!

Articulation Craft for The Very Hungry Caterpillar

How does one do a butterfly theme and not use “The Very Hungry Caterpillar?”  I mean, seriously, it should be a crime!  I love this book!  You can use it for vocabulary, sequencing, irregular past tense verbs (ate), as well as the butterfly life cycle.  It’s just a great book!

Caterpillar Craft for Articulation

I came up with a new craft this week that goes perfectly with this book.  (Yes, I made be a little proud of myself!)  You need very minimal supplies…single hole puncher, glue, scissors,red, green, purple and yellow construction paper and a copy of the food strip.

How to Make it:

Cut out 2 green circles and 1 red circle.  I cut out yellow ovals for eyes and purple antennas.  A green marker was used to draw smaller ovals in the yellow ovals and a brown crayon was used for the mouth. (You could do it all from paper.)  The child can color the food on the strip.  Once all the foods are colored, have the child produce a target word correctly 5x.  He can then, punch a hole in one of the foods.  Repeat until all 10 foods have a hole punched in them.  They should look like the foods in the book!  Now assemble the caterpillar!  Glue the red and green together (overlapping slightly).  Glue the leaf end of the food strip on the green circle.  Then glue the other green circle to the end of the food strip.  Glue the facial features on the red circle and it’s done!  I wrote the target words on the last green circle.  You can grab the food strip in my FREE resource library! (You can sign up here!)

Speech Therapy Craft for The Very Hungry Caterpillar

We have other activities this week that are butterfly related.  But this one was my favorite!  You could even use this craft for vocabulary or other language goals.  (Mmmmm, maybe I just came up with my first Facebook Live idea?!)

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