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Speech Therapy Theme Review: Bugs Part 1

Our theme this past week in speech therapy was bugs. Kids either love them or hate them! I have a couple that definitely dislike them. But that gave us an opportunity to talk about how we can dislike something but still appropriately react (no, running through the house because a fly flew by is not an appropriate reaction.)  Having bugs as our theme gives a great chance to work on descriptions, categories (fly/no fly), and other language targets.

Bug Theme for Speech Therapy

Bug Books For Speech Therapy

I really liked reading “The Very Quiet Cricket“!  I used it with my kiddos from preschool to 3rd grade. The kids enjoyed the story too!  I liked that it used new vocabulary for bugs.  Instead of just “moth,” there was a “luna moth.”  Eric Carle always does a great job of introducing different creatures in his books!

The other book I used with my young clients was a cute describing book that captures the child’s attention with pop-ups.  It gives a simple description such as “What bug is yellow and black, lives in a hive and has wings on it’s back?”  When you open the flap, a giant honeybee pops out at you.  This book is GREAT for speech therapy!

bug book for speech therapy

TpT Activities for Speech Therapy

My articulation clients used an articulation packet called “Buggy Articulation” from my TpT store.

Buggy Articulation Activities

My language activities came from Let’s Talk Speech Therapy and Panda Speech.

Get Your Bug On!” is a great packet that I used for story comprehension.  The packet also includes activities for categories and vocabulary.  It’s an overall great packet for your school age clients.

Get Your Bug On! Language Unit for Speech Therapy

Panda Speech’s “Spring NO PREP Language Pack” includes some great bug themed activities!  The categories and opposite activities worked great for my young kiddos (4-5 year olds!) as well as my older clients (up to 3rd grade).

Spring NO PREP Language Pack

Sensory Bin Fun!

This sensory bin was super easy.  Remember that Easter grass from last week’s bin?  Just add plastic bugs!  This set of bugs I bought several years ago from Toys R Us.  It includes bugs in big, medium and small sizes.  I love it because then I can use them all to work on simple descriptions such as “find the big ladybug.”

Bug Bin for Speech Therapy

Craft for Speech Therapy

This craft can be used for just about any goal!  I used it for articulation, following directions, requesting, to name a few.  I also used it during a few stuttering sessions to work on using smooth speech to request materials.  All you need is a paper plate ( I used a large one but you could use a small one), black circle for the head and stripes, yellow paper cut into small squares and white cardstock for the wings.

Puzzles for Speech Therapy

I love to use puzzles!!  They are great for artic reinforcement, requesting, matching, increasing utterances and following directions…just to name a few!  I have two Melissa and Doug insect puzzles.  One is the chunky wooden one.

The other is a magnetic puzzle.  I like to have the kiddos say “I caught a {ladybug}” to work on increased utterances and using “I” at the beginning of sentences.

For extra fun, you easily set up an obstacle course with plastic bugs!  Check out the spring time obstacle course…just change out the springtime objects with bugs!

What are your favorite bug activities?



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