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Speech Therapy Theme Organization

I have been in the field of speech therapy for at least 15 years.  All but ONE year, I have been a traveling therapist of some sort.  Whether I traveled between schools or homes, I’ve always traveled.  In that time, I have been through at least 5 organization methods.  Each one worked well…for a while.

Speech Therapy Organization

When I first started in speech therapy, I used file folders to organize all my themes.  I had a large 4 drawer filing cabinet that fit all the files perfectly.  But I worked at 2 schools…and guilty of being forgetful. So I moved all the materials to binders.  I had around 12-15 binders.    You can’t store toys and puzzles in binders so I added a {HUGE} bin for each theme.  You can imagine how out of control this got.  However, I had a giant classroom with tons of storage!  But we all know that huge classroom didn’t last long!  When I left the schools, I had to bring all those tubs home.  My hubs was none too pleased to have his garage covered in all my stuff.

So I down-sized and put in a new system! I have been using it for the past 18 months that seems to work perfectly for my space and need.

I like to keep all my theme-related materials together.  Stickers, puzzles, games, books, activities…all in one spot!  If I don’t, then I forget where everything is!  Since I am a traveling therapist, this box method is perfect.  The box goes in my bag and I have everything I need.  Puzzles and other toys can go in my car and are pulled when needed.

I found these great bins (also pictured in the title pic) at Target.  You can find them on Amazon here!  Each theme has a bin.  I place all my activities, books and stickers/stamps in first.  They are big enough to fit letter sized paper  Then if I have room, I put my puzzles and other little manipulatives in.

Theme Organization for Speech Therapy

Once that theme is over, I re-organize the materials inside like paper clipping copies together.  Then I’m ready to go for next year!

What’s the easiest way to organize your themes?

Now that you are organized, need some new theme ideas?



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