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Plastic Eggs for Speech Therapy (That Are NOT Easter!)

Two days after Easter so what are you doing just sitting there?! Now’s the time to stock up on all those plastic eggs for your speech therapy sessions!! What? You think those little plastic eggs can only be used at Easter?! That’s crazy talk.

Plastic eggs aren’t the same as when we were kids. Now they come in all shapes, sizes and colors! You could use them for anything. Put them in just about any sensory bin you can think of!  Get creative!
Here are some suggestions:

Sports Theme Eggs

Grab those sports related eggs and use them all year long!  I bought baseball eggs and used them as an articulation drill activity.  I wrote numbers on the eggs and placed them in a baseball mitt.  Each time the child chose an egg from the mitt, he could say his target word correctly the number of times written on the egg. (You can find my complete baseball review here!)

Plastic Eggs for Speech Therapy

I have seen football, soccer and basketball plastic eggs.  These could all easily be adapted!  Place the footballs/soccer balls in grass (aka shredded green paper).  Hide the basketball eggs in the gym.  Place verbs, opposites/synonyms, or little toys inside the eggs.  Make them into a matching game.  Take the egg apart and write opposites on each half.  For example, on one half, write “big” and on the other write “little.”  The children have to work to find the matches.

Farm Themed Eggs

This one is pretty easy!  I bought carrot “eggs” and chicks “eggs” last year.  These will fit great with the farm theme.  The carrots will work great with a garden or vegetable unit too!  Just put them in a bin with “grass” or “dirt” (uncooked black beans).  If you are using the chick eggs, place them in straw (or yellow shredded paper).

Plastic Egg Ideas for Speech Therapy

Other Theme Ideas:

  • Car shaped eggs are great for your transportation theme. (Can’t wait to use mine in a bin of black beans!)
  • Dinosaur eggs could be loaded with little plastic dinosaurs to add a little fun during dinosaur week!
  • Have an army week or Veteran’s Day theme?  Get your hands on those camo eggs!
  • Add those cute carrot eggs to a bin of cotton balls.  Pretend you are finding the perfect nose for a snowman!  You can see the way I used them in my snow theme here!
  • Buy green ones and use them for your Dr, Seuss theme for “Green Eggs and Ham!”
  • Buy red ones and draw black spots on them with a Sharpie…you guessed it!  Ladybugs!
  • I found these cute little animal eggs that are perfect for matching games with my tots or hiding games with my preschoolers!

Plastic Eggs for Speech Therapy

Have fun and get creative!

Now that you have a few ideas, get shopping!

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