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Using “Flipagram” for Articulation

 I use apps for articulation therapy everyday.  “Little Bee’s Articulation Station” is my favorite!  However, sometimes I get tired of using the same pictures and words over and over.  I like to spice it up a little.  Keep the kids interested.  I had used an app called “Flipagram” before to make little videos of my kids.  Then it hit me!  This would be  great tool to use in therapy.  It would also be great for parents to use!!  Kids would be much more likely to practice words at home if it involved technology!  Parents can create custom videos for their child that is currently receiving speech therapy instead of downloading a costly app.


Set Up

To get started go to your app store and download “Flipagram.”

Articulation Therapy

There is some legwork behind this project but if you get the kids involved, it will benefit them even more!  You will need to take pictures of the objects to use in the video.  For instance, my video has /r/ words in various positions.  So I took pictures of different things around my house that had an /r/ sound anywhere in the word.  Involving the child in this process works on bringing an awareness that their target sound appears in their environment every day!  So many kiddos don’t think about it.  Have the child take the pictures!  This will also help the child connect the target sound from the therapy room to his environment (GENERALIZATION is an important part of therapy!)  After you finish taking pictures, you can add the target word to them like I did.  I even made a cover photo for my slide show!


Now here comes the fun part!  Open “Flipagram” and add your pictures.  It gives you the option to put them in a particular order.  Mine are not in any particular order.  Once your pictures are in, set your speed.  I put mine on the slowest so the child has time to practice the word.  “Flipagram” gives the option to add music.  I chose not to add the music because of possible distractions.  Be sure when you are finished to save it to your device!

Have fun with this project!  As you can see from my slides, I added a picture of my son “relaxing.”  (He was just so excited for Mom to take his picture.  Yes, that was sarcasm.)  Selfies are totally ok as long as you can still see the object!

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