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Speech Therapy Theme: Easter

Easter is just around the corner.  My speech therapy sessions are already prepped and ready to go for next week!  Easter is a fun theme to do in speech therapy.  You can do so much with a package or two of plastic eggs. If you’re in search of Easter activities that stand alone…no book needed…check out my TpT store for interactive, no prep or low prep resources!

Books for Speech Therapy

The ever popular Old Lady is making a return for Easter.  I have a set of activities in my TpT store that I will be using.  It is a mixed packet of articulation and language activities.

Easter Books for Speech Therapy

However, I did have a little friend request a different book for his session.  (“Mrs. Melissa, you read that to me last year!”)  So, I added a new book to my collection…like I needed an excuse to find another book! “Little Bunny Foo Foo: The Real Story” is an adorable spin on the classic song.

For my younger preschool group that need short text, I have “Happy Easter, Mouse” and “Where are Baby’s Easter Eggs?”  Both are great short books that provide situations for elaboration.  My little ones enjoy talking about the pictures.  The pictures are usually what sparks their spontaneous speech whether it is a 2 word phrase or 4 word phrase!

Easter Book for Speech Therapy
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Sensory Bin for Speech Therapy

Sensory bins for Easter are so easy!  Grab an Easter basket, some shredded paper or Easter grass and a package of Easter eggs.  Add a little bunny or chick.  I have a wind up bunny that I will be adding this year.  I have several different Easter bins that ride along with me all week.  It’s easier to have 3 different ones than to constantly change the eggs out each session.  I also use different types of eggs so that I know which language skill in each egg.

Easter Sensory Bin for Speech Therapy
This is my social skills sensory bin. The carrot eggs (from Dollar Tree) each have a situation for the child to tell an appropriate reaction.

Easter Crafts for Speech Therapy

I try to keep my crafts as easy as I can.  Working with kids that range from less than 2 years old to school age all in one day, I also have to make sure they can cover a wide variety of goals.  Cue the Easter egg craft!  To use for articulation, just have the child paint a dot for each word he says 5x correctly.  To use for language skills, have the child perform a language task (give the opposite of a word; use irregular past tense verbs in sentences, etc) before painting a dot.  Then cut out the egg and glue onto a piece of colorful paper.  My little ones who are working on increasing MLU will have to tell what color they want in order to paint.

You don’t have to use dot paints.  You can glue pieces of tissue paper, jewels, buttons or use stickers!  This activity is a freebie you can grab here!!  Have fun with bright colors and different textures!!

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