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Six Fun Egg Hunt Ideas To Use This Easter!

Easter’s almost here and egg hunts are being prepared everywhere!  But are you tired of the same old boring egg hunt year after year?  Are your kids getting older and that simple egg hunt just isn’t fun anymore?  Have no fear!  I have come up some different ways to hunt those little plastic eggs and make it a little more fun!  Some ideas have a little prep work and some do not.

Glow in the Dark

This has been a popular one since the beginning of Pinterest.  It’s relatively easy as long as you find big enough eggs to hold a glow bracelet.  I made the mistake of buying tiny plastic eggs one year.  Break the bracelet so that it  glows.  Then place it in the egg and close it.  Hide the eggs and hunt them just as it is getting dark.  If you have older kids, they can wait until it is completely dark.

Color Sort

Here’s an easy one if you have a mix of older and younger kids.  Assign each child a color and they are only allowed to get that color!  Then everyone gets their fair share.

Movie Egg Hunt

My kids did this one year and loved it!  I bought plain colored eggs for each child.  I then wrote movie characters on the eggs with a Sharpie.  My teenage daughter loves Disney princesses so I wrote a princess name on each of her eggs.  My son was big on Pixar movies so I wrote different characters from those movies on his eggs.  Then there an “Oscar” (like the award show) egg for both kids.  This was a large golden egg with money inside.  They had to find all the character eggs before they could find an Oscar egg.  They had so much fun with this hunt!  At 15 and 10, we may do it again this year!

Flashlight Hunt

This is primarily for older kids like middle school or high school.  Hide eggs all over the yard before dark.  Bright colored eggs work best!  Then when it gets dark, give each kid a flashlight and turn them loose!

Egg Hunt Sensory Bin

This one is mostly for the toddlers and young preschoolers who may not understand the idea of an egg hunt.  It’s also great for inside egg hunts when the weather is yucky.  Use a large plastic bin and fill the bottom with Easter grass.  Add the plastic eggs, plastic shovels and even some fake flowers.  The little ones will have a blast digging for eggs!  This idea works best when it is just one or two kiddos playing in it.

Egg I Spy

Again, this idea is better with a smaller group of kids.  Use eggs with patterns if you can.  If not, it is still ok.  Hide eggs.  Then bring the kids out and play I Spy.  An adult gives the clue and the kids have to find the egg.  If you have patterned eggs, make sure to have 2 or 3 of each pattern to help make it fair.  Give a clue like “I spy an egg with pink spots.”   With solid colored eggs, hide them in different places.  Then give the kids clues like “I spy an egg where birds make their nests.”   The kids should hopefully go look in/around the tree!

Have fun with the egg hunts!  What’s a unique hunt you have been to?

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