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Speech Therapy Theme Review: Spring

Springtime in speech therapy…couldn’t think of a better time!  We have the choice to do speech therapy outside in the sunshine or continue to work inside next to a sunny window.  With spring here, there are so many different topics we can discuss in speech therapy.  Weather, flowers, birds, bugs, gardening, season, picnics are just a few!

Spring in Speech Therapy


This week we read “Splish Splash Spring.”  It’s a simple rhyming story that appeal to the preschool population.  But my school age kiddos (kinder-1st) can elaborate more on the story as we talk about the pictures.  “How do we know it’s raining?”  “Why are they running home?”  “Do your parents let you play in the rain?” are just a few of the questions I ask.

Springtime Speech Therapy book


I kept my crafts very simple this week.  I needed each craft to cover a vast range of goals at different age levels.  The first craft we made was an umbrella in a rainstorm.  I cut an umbrella and handle from construction paper.  We glued both pieces on another full page.  As the child performed a speech task, he could paint a raindrop on his paper using the blue paint dauber.  Simple enough!

Speech Therapy Activity for Spring

If you are not into cutting a bunch of pieces out, use cupcake wrappers!  Just fold (and glue) the cupcake liners in half.  Draw a handle on each one.  Then as the child performs a speech task, have him dot paint a raindrop or two around the umbrellas.

Our second craft for this week was a kite.  Cut out a diamond shape for each child.  Glue two thin strips on the kite-one going down the middle and the other going across.  Now is when you can get creative!  I used little pieces of construction paper.  You can use buttons, beads, stickers, rhinestones or whatever you have on hand.  For each speech task the child performs, he can glue a “decorative piece” on his kite.  Easy enough right?!

Kite Craft for Speech Therapy

Sensory Bin for Speech Therapy

Another week, another mini sensory bin!  In this bin, I included blue gems (raindrops), cotton balls (clouds) and a few yellow pompoms (suns).  Using my sorting activity from my interactive activity set, I placed the kites and umbrellas in the bin.  I told the kids to dig in the “clouds” to find the kites and umbrellas! Just adding the sensory bin made the activity more interesting to the kids!

What are some of your favorite spring time activities for speech therapy?

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Interactive Spring Activities for Speech Therapy

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