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St Patrick's Day Speech Therapy Crafts

St Patty’s Day is rapidly approaching!  I love this holiday.  Not sure if all redheads are genetically wired to like the holiday or if it’s just me.  Either way, I don’t care.  Since I am off on March 17th , we celebrated a little early in our speech therapy sessions.  I took one craft and adapted it to each of my kids to fit their goals.  The beauty of being a home health therapist is you can come up with lots of ideas with your craft materials…while driving down the road.  My best idea came to me between client #4 and Client #5.  It was for client #6.

I prepped for all of my speech therapy clients with the same materials.  White construction paper (for the cloud) and strips of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple construction paper is what I started with for each kiddo.


Fold your white paper in half and cut out a cloud shape.  I was able to get 2 clouds per sheet.  Take a strip of each color and write target words at one end of each strip.  Before the child can glue a strip to the cloud, he must produce his word correctly 5x (or in a sentence 3x).


Same prep as above for articulation.  On each strip, write 3 things that are that color.  For example, on the red strip, write 3 things that are red.


You need a full piece of white construction paper for this.  Write sentences on the colored strips.  Then cut each sentence into pieces.  The idea is that the client has to put the sentence back together correctly before gluing it to the white sheet.

I adapted the sentence craft for my fluency friends as well.  One of my little friends struggles with light touches so I wrote the word first.  We practiced light touches with it.  Then he made up a sentence using the word.  We wrote the sentence on the strip too.

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St Patty’s day is fun…so have fun with it!!!

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