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Speech Therapy Theme Review: Community Helpers Part 4

My community helpers theme in speech therapy came to an end last week.  I could seriously have done another 2 weeks of professions!  But Valentine’s and President’s Day need my attention too!

Dentists Activities for Speech Therapy

We finished up our theme with dentists.  Depending on the session and what I felt we needed to accomplish, some clients heard the second book and some did not.

Book for Speech Therapy

Curious George was a big hit during the first week so he returned this week while visiting the dentist.  I read it on my kindle app for the IPad.  (Not an affiliated or sponsored product; just worth mentioning that has been helpful in therapy.) The book was “Curious George Visits the Dentist.”  I really liked this book since most kids (and adults) have a fear of the dentist!  George goes in with a huge fear of what’s about to happen.  Instead, his buddy “the man in the yellow hat” is the one who has to get work done!

Dentist book for speech therapy


This part is short and sweet!  I used the same craft for several different goals!  Win Win!!

To Prep:

 Cut out a large mouth shape from red construction paper.  I folded the paper in half and cut out a large U-shape.  Easy enough.  Then I cut out small white squares to look like teeth.



You can write target words on the teeth or in the mouth like I did.   Each time the child said a word correctly 3-5x, he glued two teeth in the mouth.  Repeat until the mouth is full of teeth!

dentist articulation activity


For my preschool clients that work on labeling (or identifying), I had them name (or identify) a picture.  Then he/she could glue 2 teeth in the mouth.  Again, repeat until the mouth is full.

Antonyms/Synonyms/ Verb Tenses/Plurals

In the picture below, my client was working opposites.  I wrote words on half of the teeth.  In order to glue 2 teeth in the mouth, he had to give the opposite of the given word.  You could easily do this with synonyms.  If you choose to work on verb tenses or plurals, write the present tense (for verbs) or singular form (for nouns) on a tooth.  The child must give the past tense (for verbs) or plural tense (for nouns).

Dentist Opposites activity

A popular game to play during your speech therapy sessions would be “Crocodile Dentist.”

Peachie Speechie has a speech therapy great companion to use with this game!  You can find it here!  There are mats to address various language targets such as opposites and multiple meaning words as well as popular articulation targets!

Crocodile Speech and Language

What other community helpers do you like to talk about in your theme?

See more of my community helper unit for speech therapy!


Police Officers


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