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Community Helpers in Speech Therapy: Police

We started our week in speech therapy with firefighters and ended with police officers. My articulation clients were able to get in LOTS of repetitions with our activities. I heard lots of spontaneous language from my preschool clients and great topic maintenance/elaboration from my school age kids. Overall, last week was a win in speech therapy!


I would recommend “Office Buckle and Gloria” if you are looking for a police officer book. Officer Buckle does safety assemblies at schools but they’re…well… a little boring. But Gloria, his pup, brings the crowd to life! Learn safety tips with Gloria and have fun.

Police Book for Speech Therapy

TpT Activities

“Police Officer, Police Officer Where is Your Car?” is a best seller on my TpT site.  It’s an interactive book that works on spatial concepts and answering “where” questions.

Police Officer Speech Therapy Activity

Interactive Police Resource Set  is a great alternative for little ones with busy hands who need a simple text book instead of more complex read.   This resource includes an interactive booklet, make and take book, no prep language activities and manipulatives.

 Our articulation activity was “Police Fingerprint Articulation Books.”   I told the kiddos one job of a police officer is to collect fingerprints.  The kids loved fingerprinting in these little booklets!!!  Each fingerprint meant they had to say a word correctly 3-5 times.  Then the booklets could be sent home for extra practice!  (Instant home carryover activity ALERT!!)

Games and Other Fun for Speech Therapy

This would be a fun time to make stop signs (or purchase some) to work with your little ones on “stop” and “go.”  Make a red stop sign that you can flip to a green go sign!  Race cars with the signs or get up and move yourselves!

For older kids, let them write tickets!  Give them little notepads and a pencil.  Tell them their job is to ticket YOU when you say your sounds wrong!  Purposely misarticulate words to see if they notice.  On the “ticket,” have them write the words you said wrong.  Then they can take the tickets home to practice those words too!  Only have them ticket you…we don’t want to make any child feel self conscious or anxious!

To wrap up the week, give each child a little snack bag of fire hoses (licorice) and streetlights (red, yellow and green M&Ms)!!!


Want to see what we did on firefighter day?


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