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Easy Fridge Fun for Language Skills

If you have kids at home, chances are good they are constantly in the fridge!  Why not turn the fridge into a “language hub?”  We have a set of alphabet magnets on our fridge.  Both of my kids (15 and 10) love to create new phrases with the letters.  They have to get creative with the spelling since there is only 1 of each letter.  It’s always interesting to see the new message, especially when Dad gets in on the fun!

Easy Fridge Fun for Language Skills

You don’t need a alphabet set for this idea!  You can just use notecards, a marker and a magnet.  If you have a dry erase board on your fridge, that will work even better!  This idea is geared more for school age kids who can write (but not necessarily spell correctly).  If you choose to write the word instead of using a picture, you need to make sure your kiddo can read.

To Prep The Activity

Have your child go through newspaper ads/sale ads and cut out pictures.  The Sunday paper is the best choice for this.  If your child is artsy, they can draw pictures instead of cutting them out.  In the picture above, I had some extra stickers sitting around so I used those.  Put one picture for each notecard.  Now you are ready!

To Use The Activity

Tell your child in order to get in the fridge, they must come up with 2-3 things about the picture.  It can be what is it used for, what it looks like, colors, size, category, etc.  The idea is to get your child describing objects accurately.  They can write them on the notecard or they can verbalize them to you.  Change out the pictures as needed.  It might be changed everyday or every other day, totally depends on you!

To gear it more for the preschool age, just have your child name the objects as you are getting their juice or milk from the fridge.

Hope this was an easy idea to use at home!


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