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Penguin Crafts for Speech Therapy

I like to spend our last session of the week in speech therapy crafting.  We’ve read our book, completed drill work and now it’s time for fun!  I came up with cute penguin crafts to finish up the week.  One of these was inspired by the “Little Penguins” book we read earlier in the week!

Penguin Crafts for Speech Therapy

Articulation Penguin

This one is pretty easy.  To start cut out a giant U-Shape from black construction paper.  Glue it to another piece of construction paper (any color that is not black or white).  Cut small squares from white paper.  Write target words on these squares.  The white squares will be the penguin’s tummy.  As the child says the words correctly, glue them in place (like below).  Then glue on 2 wiggle eyes and an orange beak.  Tear the squares into smaller pieces to glue on as snow!  Best part of this craft is you can send it home as is to practice at home!

articulation penguin craft for speech therapy

Simple Penguin Craft for Speech Therapy

Most of my preschool population creates this craft.  It’s simple but I can still get lots of language from it.  Make the same U-shape from black paper as you did above.  Except this time, cut a slightly smaller shape from white paper.  Make sure to have 2 wiggle eyes, an orange beak, pompoms and a paper headband for ear muffs and scrap paper for the snowflakes and scarf.  Before a child can get a piece of the craft, he must make the request such as “I want black paper.” If the child you are working with cannot spontaneously make requests, give him 2 choices.

“Little Penguins” Craft for Speech Therapy

Again, another easy craft for you to use with your kiddos.  You don’t necessarily have to use read “Little Penguins” to use this craft.   I just call it that because the idea came to when I was reading this book to a client!  You will need a blue piece of construction paper as your background.  Tear a big piece of white paper to resemble a piece of floating ice.  This has to be big enough to hold the igloo and 5 little penguins!  You can also tear a couple of small pieces to glue around the big piece.  This craft can be used as a reinforcement craft (ie-say a word 5x before you get a piece of glue on your paper) or you can use it with the clues to work on following directions, understanding descriptive qualities, and spatial concepts.  You can download the complete activity HERE which includes the clues!

What are some of your favorite penguin crafts?

PS:  What to know more about what we did this week and our activities?  You can check out the theme review post here!

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