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Shaving Cream Articulation

Needing a fun idea to work on articulation in your speech room?  Or are you a parent and your child just will not work on his articulation words on at home?  Well then today is your lucky day…or at least I hope it is!  I think I may have an idea for you.  Most kids love to get messy so why not use shaving cream?!  Plus if you live in the south, this is about as close to snow as we may get this winter!

So here’s what you do.  Go to your regular grocery store and buy shaving cream.  It doesn’t have to be expensive.  I bought the cheapest kind they had.  The only requirement is to make sure it is white and foamy!  Remember you are NOT shaving with this stuff so don’t get the ones with the bells and whistles!

Now that you have your shaving cream, you have two options:  messy and not as messy.

For the first option, just spray some shaving cream (a few dollops if you will) on the table.  Your child can use both hands to smooth it and spread it.  Why both hands?  To subconsciously make your child cross midline (when the left hand crosses over the imaginary line that splits the body in half and vice versa).  Now that they have spread out the shaving cream, give your child a word that has their sound.  Have them spell it as they say it correctly aloud.  Easiest speech practice ever!  If your child is not  a speller (or not a good one), write the words on notecards.  Then your child can copy them as they say the words.  If your child is really young (preschool age), you get in on the fun!  You write the word in the shaving cream for them as they mix shaving cream next to you.  After you have written, have your child practice the word.

For a SLIGHTLY less messy option, use a cookie sheet!  When you are finished, put in the dishwasher!

Have fun!

PS…Need another fun artic idea?  How about flashlights?!

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