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Mitten, Hat, and Sweater Crafts for Speech Therapy

Winter clothing week can be a fun one in speech therapy.  The craft part is usually kind of difficult though.  Last year, I came up with the wacky winter sweater (it’s along the lines of the tacky Christmas sweater).  This year, I have decided to add a couple more crafts to address different goals. What’s awesome about these crafts is you can totally change them out throughout your day/week if you get tired!

Winter Clothing Crafts for Speech Therapy

Wacky Winter Sweater for Speech Therapy

This one does not necessarily have to be just an articulation craft.  You could use it for language too!  It was just easier in my prep (remember, I have to bring EVERYTHING for the day with me!) to designate a craft for each goal.  Each client chose the color sweater they wanted.  Then I glued it onto another piece of construction paper for durability.  We worked on the target words and glued then pictures on the sweater.  To decorate the sweater more, we continued to work on the those words but they glued jewels on.  You could also add pompoms or stickers.  But these sparkly jewels have been a hit since Christmas…especially with my girls!!!  You can get the pictures for F,V,K,G here for free!!

Wacky Winter Sweater for Articulation Therapy

Winter Hat Craft for Speech Therapy

You can do these on a few different ways.  My little guys working on language goals completed this craft.  Some were working on vocabulary; some on using language to request and make choices.  I even used this craft for my little ones working on inferencing!

The vocabulary kiddos had to name pictures as we glued them on their hat.  Then we could go back and review them.  AND, I could send it home for them to practice the vocabulary at HOME!!

My little guys working on requesting and making choices also made this hat.  But instead of pictures, we glued little squares of paper in different colors or jewels.  They had tons of fun and we still got in lots of language!!

For inferencing, we made the hat.  For each question, she could answer correctly, my little friend earned a jewel to glue on her hat.  This craft was fun and engaging even when doing a drill type activity!

Winter Clothing Crafts for Speech Therapy

Mitten Craft in Speech Therapy

I will be honest…when I thought of this craft and prepped it, I was not totally excited about it.  I wasn’t sure it was going to turn out right.  I did not want it to be a hot mess of words on mittens! But then the more I thought about it, the more I realized it wouldn’t be as bad as I thought!  I had pictures of opposites that my clients colored.  We discussed them as they colored.  Then the opposites were cut apart.  I chose one opposite and the child had to find the match.  The word I gave was glued onto one mitten.  The match was glued onto the other.   To make the mittens, I just cut out 2 big mittens and glued a string to the back of both to keep them together.

What are some of your favorite winter crafts?

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