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Speech Therapy Theme Review: Winter Clothing

This week’s theme in speech therapy is winter clothing.  Kind of inappropriate since my weather forecast predicts 70 degree temps by Tuesday!  But the calendar says January so we are talking mittens, coats and scarves!  We have a mix of old and new activities to use this week.

Book for Speech Therapy:

My favorite book to use during this theme is “The Jacket I Wear in the Snow.”  I like that it introduces new vocabulary (like long underwear) as well as reinforces common ones like coat and hat.  It’s a cute book that kids like and participate well with.  I created a playdough smash mat that you can use along with the book or as a separate activity.  You can find it here.

TpT Activities for Speech Therapy:

This week I am using “The Jacket I Wear in the Snow” book buddy from my TpT site.  It has activities that address articulation and various language skills.  I am also using The Speech Space’s Winter Interactive Book for winter clothing.  Her interactive books are great for my little guys that are working on vocabulary!  Another resource is from Busy Bee Speech…her interactive fluency notebook for winter fits perfectly with my winter themes!

The Jacket I Wear in the Snow

Winter Interactive Books

#Jan17SLPMustHave Interactive Fluency (Stuttering) Binder

You can also grab my freebie to work on increasing MLU and winter clothing vocabulary!

The Girl Has... Winter Clothing Activity for speech therapy

Winter Clothing Games for Articulation

Using the snowy sensory bin from last week, I replaced the snowman noses (carrots) with mittens!  Easy enough! When the child chooses a mitten from the bin, he has to follow the direction on the mitten.  You can find those mittens here.  Print and laminate as many copies as you need!

Another fun idea is to use a winter hat.  Cut pieces of white paper into squares big enough to write target words on.  Crumple up the squares and place them in the hat.  Have a child choose a word from the hat to say correctly.  I sent this idea to my clients’ parents in their weekly newsletter.  It would be a fun activity to send home with your kids.

Winter Clothing Games for Language

One idea is to play “I Spy” with winter clothing.  You can have pictures or the actual pieces of clothing laid out.  Then give clues like “I spy something I wear on my head to keep warm.”  This is an easy idea to put into any session or send a set of pictures home with directions on how to play!

Cut a mitten shape out of assorted colors of paper or felt.  Work on spatial concepts with the mittens and a “snowball” (crumpled piece of paper or a Styrofoam ball).  Place it under, beside, behind, or on the mitten and ask the child to tell you where it is.  You can also work on colors this way!

I found this cute puzzle in the Dollar Spot at the famous “red circles store” back in November.  I plan on using it this week with my little guys!

I have a few fun craft activities lined up for this week but they will get their own blog post later in the week!  So stay tuned!  Make sure you are signed up to receive weekly newsletters…you never know when I will send a freebie!!!

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