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Snowmen Crafts for Speech Therapy

Rumor has it we are going to have snow flurries this week.  While “snow flurries” are not a big deal north of Texas, here it is HUGE!  Kids are talking about the possibility of no school (yes we JUST returned from a 2 week break!).  Grocery stores are packed and supplies are slim pickings!  That is just how my part of Texas is.  As you can imagine, the talk of snow makes my speech therapy sessions a little crazy.  Good thing, I had super cute snowmen crafts to get us through it!

Snowmen Crafts for Speech Therapy

All that being said, our snowmen crafts were a big hit this week!  I had a few different ones I used with my clients depending on their goals.  One was a Pinterest fail but it lead to a much cuter one!!

Articulation Snowman for Speech Therapy

This cute little guy started out as the melted snowman craft.  I made one.  A few clients made one.  I just didn’t like the way it looked.  So by the end of the day, I changed the craft to this one.  I still got in all the artic drill work I needed but it looked so much better!  To make this one, cut pieces of white paper into small squares.  You will also need to cut out a hat, “carrot” nose and a big happy smile!  The eyes are just large wiggle eyes.  For each word the child said correctly 3-4x, he could glue 4 white squares on his paper.  We repeated this until the snowball was complete.  Then we could add the features!

Artic Snowman for Speech Therapy

Semantic Snowman for Speech Therapy

I really liked the way this snowman came out!  A few of my language kids made these!  I gave them a word on the biggest snowball (the bottom one).  The child had to come up with 2 synonyms for that word.  We wrote it on the two other snowballs.  Then we glued the snowballs, in order of size, to build the snowman.  On the stick arms, we wrote opposites of the given word.  Afterwards, we glued the stick arms and drew the features on him.  I added a few white squares along the bottom to make it look like snow.  You could draw snowflakes falling from the sky too!

Semantic Snowman for Speech Therapy

Easy Snowman for Preschool Speech Therapy

This craft is the easiest!  So it’s perfect for your toddler-preschool clients!  My speech therapy clients that made this craft had to request different features to complete it.  I had everything cut out ahead of time so it was easier for them to make choices.  To make this craft, use a big paper plate as the head.  Cut out a large hat, carrot nose and a smile.  We used big wiggly eyes too!  We were able to work on making choices, using 1-2 word requests and even simple body parts!

Snowman craft for speech therapy

The perfect thing about these snowmen crafts is you can use them with any snow book you may be reading!!

Plus if you are playing SLP Bingo this month, you can check this one off!  If not, you can find the details (about the prize!!) and how to play in the link above!

PS- For more snow themed activities, you can check out my theme review of snow!


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