New Year, New Goals for The Speech Chick

The new year is less than 24 hours old but I am already brainstorming on how to make this year better!  Speech Chick was a busy little bee last year.  It was my first full year with my TpT site, new blog/website plus a full caseload of sweet little clients!

This year I plan to focus on social media marketing more to grow my blog and TpT site more.  In turn, it should also help grow my little private practice!  (Of course, at the moment, I am full and not accepting new clients-yea!)  But there’s a few other things I plan on adding like more challenges, maybe a free course and giveaways!  Of course, I am also aiming to be more organized, blog more and produce more materials!!!  Maybe I will even get into this “Facebook Live” or “Instagram Story” fades going on right now!

To start the month off right, I have come up with a little game.  Everyone likes BINGO right?!  I mean, we are SLPs here…it’s our “go to” game right behind “Go Fish.”  This is an easy one too!  Each time you complete a task, you cross it off on your board.  For each “bingo” (3 in a row), you get an entry…You could get up to 8 ENTRIES!!  The winner gets a $25 Amazon Gift Card and a choice of one FREE product from my site!  Find your Bingo Board here!  The winner will be drawn at the end of the month!

What do you want to see from the Speech Chick this year?!

PS-Watch the TpT shop starting tomorrow…all new dollar deal ALL WEEK LONG!  Just in time for back to reality!

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