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New Year’s and Speech Therapy

Can you believe 2016 is done?  It’s been a crazy busy year!  I know most SLPs aren’t doing any speech therapy today but I have some ideas for you to use on Monday!!

New Year's Speech Therapy Ideas

I sent out newsletters this week to my speech therapy families with some of these ideas.  I always have parents wanting extra ideas for home…plus I was off all this past week to spend time with my family…so newsletters sounded like a great option!

Articulation Coloring Sheet

This one is super crazy easy.  It’s a freebie that you can find here!  I sent this one out to my articulation clients earlier in the week.

Sensory Bin

This might be one of my favorites for NYE fun!  Grab a plastic bin, some black beans and gold glitter!  The pictures I added you can find here.

NYE speech therapy idea

Ideas to use with the sensory bin:

Describing: Expressive Task-Child chooses a picture and tell 3 things about it.  Receptive Task- Parent/SLP describes a picture for the child to find.  (Think “I Spy.”)

Increase MLU:  Child finds a picture and uses the carrier phrase “I see a…(sweater).”

Answering “What” Questions/Vocabulary: Child chooses a picture.  Parent/SLP asks “What do you see?”  Child should answer with the correct label.

**You don’t have to make a sensory bin to use these pictures.  Print two copies and play a matching game.**

Party Cup Artic

If you are having a NYE party, save some plastic cups and party blowers!  Write articulation words on the cups.  Have the child blow the party blower to choose a word.  Say the word correctly 3-5x or put it in a sentence.

New Year's Articulation Idea for Speech Therapy

Wishing everyone a happy and safe New Year’s Eve!!  Be sure to sign up to receive newsletters (and freebies)!

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