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Speech Therapy Theme Review: Gingerbread

Last week was so much for fun for the kids and I. The gingerbread theme lends itself to so much in speech therapy. From the variety of books to sequencing to crafting, it all will keep each kid engaged in your speech therapy sessions.


I use a wide range of books in my sessions.  Not every kiddo gets the same book.  You can read about my favorites that I used last week here.

TpT Activities

I made quite a few new speech therapy activities for this theme.  I usually have 5 new ideas pop in my head AFTER the theme is over.  I was  glad my creative juices stayed with me.

Yummy Gingerbread Activities was a collection of activities that (I hoped) could go with any gingerbread book.  There are so many versions of the original gingerbread man that I didn’t want to zero in on just one book.  It has both articulation and language activities that are low prep or NO PREP!  (Which is great for this time of year!!)

Yummy Gingerbread Activities for Speech and Language

To address vocabulary, I added gingerbread playdough smash mats.  You can use regular playdough (mixed with a little cinnamon) or homemade gingerbread playdough!  The kids really loved these mats.  We worked on naming animals, foods and clothing.

Gingerbread SMUSH mats for Speech and Language

We also addressed antonyms, synonyms, categories and possessive pronouns!  You can find all my activities for these here.


The little fox book below was articulation craft.  Inside, you will find 4 words that we practiced.  Then the kids decorated the front like a fox and took it home to practice!  You can find the pages for the target words here.  You could easily just write target words in the book.  I have done that before when I did not have the right words!

Articulation Craft for Speech Therapy

For my language kiddos, we made gingerbread boys/girls.  Each one looked different (which I loved)!  Some of my language kiddos completed the glyph in my Antonyms/Synonyms packet.  It involved 2 step complex directions like “If big and little are opposites, then give your gingerbread man 2 eyes.  If not, give him 1 eye.”  My older kids enjoyed the challenge.  Younger language clients worked on requesting, spatial concepts and asking questions.  Just grab some wiggly eyes, rick rack/ribbon and sparkly jewels!  I pre-cut some shirts from scrap fabric for some of my kiddos.  This has to be the easiest, most low prep craft you could do this time of year!!!  One year I sprinkled cinnamon on them so they smelled yummy!

Gingerbread Craft for Speech Therapy

If you have off the next 2 weeks, enjoy your time with family and friends!

Make sure to go download the FREEBIE to work on increasing MLU  on my TpT site!!

Merry Christmas!

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