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Mouse Craft for Speech Therapy

Last week we had a cookie theme in speech therapy.  What better book for a cookie theme than “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie?”  Our craft was just as fun as reading the book!  I have found that my speech therapy clients absolutely love making these little books!  You could easily use this book for any mouse themed book. 

Here’s what you need for the book:

2 lunch sacks (1 whole sack and 1 half of another lunch sack)

1 grey triangle and 2 large grey circles

2 medium pink circles and 1 small pink circle

2 wiggle eyes

1/2 of a grey pipe cleaner

Glue and a stapler

Here’s how you make it:

Fold the whole lunch sack in half.  Place the other half in the fold to form a book.  Staple along the sides.  Inside the book, you can write articulation words on every page.  You can also download this freebie to put inside for story comprehension.  (Hint: work on the inside of your book first!)  To complete, just color the correct answer!

Once the inside is complete, work on the mouse in the front.  Glue the triangle down first.  Then the big grey circles.  You get the picture right?  Make sure to glue the tail (grey pipe cleaner) on the back of your book.

This little book turned out so cute!

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