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Speech Therapy Theme Review: COOKIES

Cookies is such an easy and fun theme for speech therapy.  Kids love cookies.  Adults love cookies.  Plus you can do so many fun things with them!  We had fun with our cookie theme this week.  See what we did with cookies in speech therapy!

Cookie Book for Speech Therapy

“If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”

The kids love this book no matter how many times they have heard it!  It’s always surprised to have a kiddo that has never heard it before!   My book and mouse friend at Kohl’s many moons ago.  I try to bring with me during cookie week and tell the kids we have a special friend in session.  They adore him!

For my kids that may struggle with focusing through the entire story, I use “The Best Mouse Cookie.”   It’s written by the same author as the one above but the text is shorter and easier to follow.  The kids think it’s funny when Mouse falls asleep and his cookies BURN!!  (I’m sorry but burning cookies is no laughing matter!:)

Cookie Book for Speech Therapy

TpT Activities

I used my own packet from my site.  It has activities for articulation (open ended) as well activities for categories, spatial concepts, object function, verb tenses and opposites.  I also have a sorting activity that is a pretty popular buy!  Have your clients sort items into clothing, animals, toys, vehicles and food!

"If You Give A Mouse A Cookie" Book Buddy

Toddlers and Early Preschool:

To work on increasing utterances, I made an activity that went along with the theme.  It comes with picture cards from the story that you can insert at the end of the sentence.  It is a freebie in my TpT shop!!  You can find it here.

"The Mouse Has..." Board

This is one of my FAVORITE toys!!  I use this toy to encourage the child to ask for “more” as well as counting and turn taking.  We also work on the concept of “in” since we are putting the cookie in the jar.  Counting Cookie Jar is definitely a must have in your arsenal!  I like to use it throughout the year.  I found mine at Marshall’s for cheap.  There is an Amazon link included.  (It is NOT an affiliate link!!)

Melissa and Doug’s Cookie Set is just the best!!  I have this one and the Christmas cookie set!  Mine is really not this pretty.  It has some major “wear and tear” so I might just have to order a new one soon.  This set is great for working on pronouns (yours, mine,hers, his, etc) as well as initial /k/ (“cut” and “cookie”), making choices (chocolate or vanilla) and requesting “more.”  We even talk about kitchen safety!!  We pretend to put the cookies in oven.  But we have to take them with the oven mitt because they are HOT!


“Cookin’ Cookies”

Hands down one of the BEST games for therapy!!!  It moves fast so it is good for a group setting.  You can easily fit artic drill in as you play.  With my little ones, we use to work on turn taking, increasing utterances (I need flour) and negation (I don’t need sugar).  My fluency clients LOVE it!  We can work on structured situations to keep their speech smooth with phrases like (I need flour.  I don’t need sugar.  Aw man, I got the rotten egg!)  These are just a few examples of how I use this game.

Ok, you have stuck with me through the end…at least the end of the post!  I have freebie for you!!  It is to be used with the book “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie!”  Use it for artic reinforcement drill, utterance expansion ( I see a…) or with the story!  It’s a playdough mat!!!  Go print as many as you need for your group sessions and laminate!!!  Just please do not share with other SLPs.  It’s a FREEBIE so send them here to get their own!!!

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