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Speech Therapy Theme Review: Thanksgiving Food

This past week of speech therapy has me so ready for Thanksgiving dinner!!  We talked about turkey and pie all week!  It’s funny to listen to the kids tell me what they like to eat on Thanksgiving.  Of course, most of my clients don’t like veggies.

Books for Speech Therapy:

“I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed  a Pie” by Allison Jackson is a great book!!  I have been using it everything Thanksgiving holiday since I started in the field.  It is such a funny book and the kids love it!

Another book I used was from Ms. Gardenia’s Speech Room.  It was perfect for my kiddos working on answering “what” questions.  Simple book with all the foods you might eat at Thanksgiving!

TpT Activities for Speech Therapy:

I used my book buddy for the Old Lady Book.  I updated the packet recently to include new activities.  The updated packet includes 2 open ended articulation activities, several language activities and a couple of open ended games!  One of the language activities is a story comprehension cut and glue activity.

Craft Activities for Speech Therapy:

One of our fun craft activities was making a Thanksgiving feast.  You can find how I used it to address question asking and social routines here.

My articulation clients made cherry pies!  This craft was great to get multiple repetitions during our session.  The child had to say a word correctly 3-5x before getting 5 pieces of red paper (cherry filling) to glue on the crust (paper plate).    The materials list is pretty short: large paper plate, pieces of red paper and strips of brown paper.

The last craft we completed was to work on sequencing.  Again, it’s a pretty simple materials list:  large paper plate, orange paint/crayon, brown paint/crayon, cinnamon and a cotton ball (for the whipped cream!)  We talked about our steps as we completed project.  Then we worked on this sequencing activity that you can get FREE here!!!

Speech Therapy Activity for Thanksgiving

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Happy Thanksgiving!


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