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Thanksgiving Dinner Craft for Speech Therapy

Most all pediatric speech pathologists are reading the same book this time of year. “I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie” is always a big hit in speech therapy sessions. Kids love her!

Thanksgiving Craft for Speech Therapy
In my book buddy, I have a writing activity that asks the student if they would invite the Old Lady to their Thanksgiving dinner. Between this and the story, usually a conversation about good table etiquette starts. Kind of appropriate for a speech therapy session, right? Even at Thanksgiving dinner, we need to use our good language and social skills.  That’s when this craft idea hit me about 3 (maybe 4) years ago!!  I have been tweaking it ever since!!!  How can you practice good table manners and practice asking questions at the same time?!  A Thanksgiving feast in speech therapy, that’s how!!!

Here’s what you need:

Paper plates-I prefer the big ones

Brown & white construction paper (to make a drumstick)

Yellow pony beads (corn kernels)

Green pony beads (peas)

Cotton balls (mashed potatoes) with small yellow paper squares (butter slabs)

Uncooked Elbow Noodles (macaroni)

Small strips of green paper (green beans)

You don’t have to use all the foods.  You can pick 3 0r 4 and your craft will still look fine!  If you are working in a group or school setting, it would be super cute to set up your therapy table like you would set up a Thanksgiving dinner complete with a table cloth and plastic containers holding the food.  Maybe even add some small pumpkins and battery powered candles?!  So cute!! Have the menu out so the kiddos know what they can request.  The kids can take turns asking each other to pass a certain food (like “Bob, would you please pass the peas?”)  You can also talk about keeping elbows of the table, not reaching across people while they are eating, etc.  As they place food on their plates, have them glue it down to the paper plate.

When they finish, they have a full plate of Thanksgiving goodness!  Want to add an extra fun element?!  Sprinkle some poultry seasoning on the turkey legs!!!

Let me know how this craft worked for you!!  I’d love to hear about it!!


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