Thanksgiving Apps for Speech Therapy

It’s crazy that we were just talking about Halloween apps 2 weeks ago! Now we are already at Thanksgiving themes in speech therapy! My clients have been talking turkey in our speech therapy sessions this week. So naturally, I tried to find some cute turkey/Thanksgiving apps I could use with my little friends.   Speech therapy is sure to be a blast with the Speech Chick this month!

Here’s what I found:

“Pocket Charts! Happy Thanksgiving!” Match Game by Good Neighbor Press, Inc: This is a good one! It’s perfect for little ones. It is set up in a pocket chart format. The child has to find the picture that matches perfectly. If they find the correct match, it rewards the child with a star. If not, there is not response so that the child can continue to change out the cards. For only $0.99, it is well worth the money!!!

Holiday Dinner: This is a favorite! I love to use it when we read “The Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie.”  The kids can “make” Thanksgiving dinner by choosing the main course, sides, salad, bread and even a dessert!  It’s a completely made dinner by the kids from cooking the turkey in the oven to stirring/mixing all the ingredients to carving the turkey (if that is what they choose!)  You can even pick your dinner plates (so save this little gem for Christmas too so you can use the Christmas Tree plates!)

Hand Turkey-A Multi-Touch Thanksgiving App:  It’s a fun for your little ones…like under 3.  Your preschool kiddos will get a kick out of it too.  I find that my tots can do this app over and over again.  So that means we get to work on requesting “more” or “again” over and over again…which makes for a fairly productive session!

Starfall Turkey:  What can I say?  Starfall always has great apps!  The kids can decorate a turkey with a hat and choose silly feathers.  Then they choose a joke for the turkey to tell.  I find that my school age (kinder and up) like this app much more than my preschool population.  Mainly because they understand the jokes and find them funny!

I added a few more apps this year to my arsenal:

Thanksgiving Turkey Dressing Up Game for Kids:  It’s a pretty simple one to maneuver.  The child chooses how they want to dress the turkey-either pilgrim or Native American.

Thanksgiving Games for Kids 2016 FREE:  Not a bad one especially since it’s FREE!  It has several different games including a word search, memory game, “Intruder” (pick the one that is different), building words by dragging the letters and “Mirror” (choose the picture that is reflected in the mirror).  I will be using it with my kiddos that are kindergarten and up.  Not sure how much my preschoolers would like it.

Kids Game Thanksgiving Party:  I like it because you have to help the girl get ready for a Thanksgiving party.  The child “helps” mom buy everything at the store, “helps” the girl prepare invitations all the way to getting the party supplies ready.  You could EASILY build language into the app with questions like “Why does she need glue?” or “Why is she crying?”

Thanksgiving Puzzles-Fall Holiday Games for Kids:  This is a fun little puzzle app for $1.99.  My preschoolers love it!  You can set the settings to help the child assemble the puzzle or not.

Now that you have a few to pick from, go download them and let me know what you think!

Which is your favorite?





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