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Speech Therapy Tip: Flashlights & Language 

Last week, I wrote about how to use flashlights for articulation practice. The post was meant for speech therapists as well as parents. Now we are talking language and flashlights during speech therapy! This one can be set up similar to the articulation post but depending on what the child is practicing, it may look different. To see how to set up the activity once the cards are ready, read Flashlights and Articulation.

Speech Therapy Tips with Flashlights

VOCABULARY: Cut out pictures from magazines of foods, toys, animals, clothing, etc. You could also use stickers! Stick each one to a notecard.

ANTONYMS/SYNONYMS: Write a word on each notecard. You determine how many you want to practice. Place them around the room. Each time the child shines the light on the card, he has to give the opposite (or a synonym if that’s the skill you are practicing).

REGULAR/IRREGULAR PAST TENSE VERBS: Write the PRESENT tense on each notecard. When the child shines his light on the card, he has to give the past tense AND put it in a sentence!

REGULAR/IRREGULAR PLURALS: Set it up just like the verbs above.

DESCRIBING: Set it up just like above for vocabulary. EXCEPT the child has to give you 2-3 describing features when he shines the light on the card. TWIST: You give 2-3 features and the child has to find it!

Love the ideas but need a handy dandy handout to give to parents?  Here ya go!

Speech Therapy Tips for Parents

Did you try any of the ideas?  How did they work for you!


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