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Speech Therapy In Review: OWLS

Owls are a perfect theme for speech therapy the week after Halloween. I am not quite ready for Thanksgiving so I don’t want Thanksgiving themed therapy ideas yet. I will be good next week! I added this theme last year after I bought “Little Owl’s Night” at a daycare book fair. It was lots of fun so I kept it on the schedule for this year. Boy, am I glad I did?! Here is how our week went!

Speech Therapy Owl Activities

Books: “Little Owl’s Night” and “That’s Not My Owl”*

LIttle Owl Book for Speech Therapy

Preschool Speech Therapy Owl Book

TpT Materials: “Little Owl’s Night” Book Buddy

Owl Speech Therapy Activities
Craft:  We had two different crafts.  One was used to focus on language goals such as asking questions or using the phrase “More please” (for my little guys).  The second was used for articulation clients.

To make the language craft, you need  a paper plate, pieces of brown construction paper, 2 big yellow circles, 2 small yellow circles, wiggly eyes, beak made from orange paper and feathers.  You also need a piece of brown paper to trace the child’s hands for the wings.  (NOTE:  you could make the articulation craft this same way.)

As you can see below, the child’s target words are written on the brown pieces of paper.

 What are some of your favorite owl activities to use in speech therapy?


*Disclosure:  The Usborne link above for “That’s Not My Owl” is to my Usborne consultant page.  If you do buy the book from the link, I do receive a commission on this sale.

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