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Cheap Halloween Activities for Speech Therapy 

Halloween is such a fun time in speech therapy! It’s also an added bonus that dollar stores carry amazing Halloween goodies that are perfect for speech therapy. Without wasting any time, let’s get to the “meat and potatoes” of this post!


Spider Throwing in Speech Therapy

Seriously this activity cost $3.24!  The web basket came from Dollar Tree and the glittery black spiders are from Walmart (Each pack came with 8 so if you work in the group setting, buy more!).  To play, place the basket just a few feet away from the child.  Have him produce a target word correctly 5x.  Then he can throw a spider into the web.  Easiest artic prep ever!

Spider Sorting

I bought the spider erasers last year.  You could easily use the different colored spider rings or any plastic spiders.  The felt webs came from the dollar bin at Target.  I went into a little more detail with this activity in my spider theme post.  Very simple sorting activity that my toddlers and young preschoolers loved!

Bat Sensory Bin for Articulation

I found this plastic bats at Dollar General for $1.  It came in a pack of 6 so yes, I bought more than one.  Write numbers on the bottom of each bat and place in a bin of black beans.  Kiddos can pull out a bat and say their target word than number of times.  For example, if they pick a 5, they say their word 5x. 

“Where is the Bat?” Positions

This is RIDICULOUSLY easy and cheap!  I found this bag of bat erasers last year in the dollar bin at Target!  I also have monsters and black cats that I bought this year!  Erasers are awesome for so much!  For this activity, I gave a direction and the child had to place the bat in the location.  Then I asked where the bat was so the child could practice using the position in a sentence/phrase.  As a small Halloween gift to you, you can download the activity here.  Now go buy your erasers!!

Monster Erasers Sort

It’s just that easy!  Open this little bag of erasers up and practice sorting by color!

Monster Eyeball Artic

This might be my new favorite!  I found this monster pencil bag at Staples.  (My local one still have several when I went last week!)  The eyeballs are another Dollar Tree find.  Write numbers (1-5) on several of the balls.  I think they come in a package of 9.  The kids can feed the eyeballs to the monsters or pull them out of his mouth.  I used this activity with a little girl and she LOVED it!  For each eyeball they feed him. they have to say their target word correctly that many times.

What are some of your favorite Halloween activities?

Need some more fun speech therapy ideas?  Check out my spiders theme!  Or maybe you need a fun app or two?


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