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Speech Therapy In Review: SPIDERS!

Last week our theme was spiders in speech therapy.  The kids had a blast…me?  Well, I was not super excited to talk all week about a thing that grosses me out!  But our speech therapy sessions were fun and engaging so that’s all that matters!

Our book was “Three Hungry Spiders and One Fat Fly.”  It’s a great book that is short and you can easily address spatial concepts, “where” questions, “who” questions, categories and articulation!   I also like this book since it is not creepy or Halloween theme.  I work with kiddos that do not celebrate Halloween so it’s always nice to have generic books during the holiday!  The little booklet to address big and little concepts can be found in my Tpt  shop for ONE DOLLAR!!


I absolutely loved our sensory bins!!  I had 2…one to address big and little.  The one pictured below was my favorite and CRAZY CHEAP to make!  The spiders were a dollar bin find last year at my favorite “red circles” store.  The felt webs were another dollar bin find this year!  The webs came in a pack of 8 (I think) of assorted colors.  The box came from that store where everything’s a DOLLAR.  The vase filler was left over from another sensory bin (and bought with a 50% off coupon at a craft store.


The craft we created this week was another easy, low prep fun time.  With my articulation clients, I wrote their target words on each leg of the spider.  The one below was made a little friend working language (recalling details) as well as smooth speech.  (Remember, I like to use crafts with my fluency clients!)


Small paper plate

black paper

Wiggly eyes (2 per kid)



We cut up pieces of black paper to cover the body.  Then we had 8 long strips (folded accordion style) for the legs.

Best part?  My artic clients had built in homework practice!  Language kiddos used our graphic organizer to recall details and steps of our craft process AFTER the craft was complete.  (Psst… you can get it free here!)  Laminate and use a dry erase marker to write each step under the spider.  You can also use it to retell the story above!

What’s your favorite activity for the spider theme?


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