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Halloween Apps for Speech Therapy

We all have our favorite apps for everyday speech therapy.   Halloween should be no different.  I have a few that I really like.  I work with mostly toddlers to preschool age right now, so I tend to use “not so scary” apps.

Fall Apps for Speech Therapy

Starfall Pumpkin

  It has 2 great activities.  I used this app a lot during pumpkin week.  For tots, it’s great for them to make jack-o-lanterns.  Preschool age can work on following directions and telling about their pumpkin when they are finished.  Young school age kids can use the other activity “Weigh Pumpkins.”  A pumpkin is placed on the scale and the child has to place weights on the other side to even the scale.  I love it!  This app makes the kiddos think about how to level the scale without going over.  (HINT: Critical thinking and problem solving!!)

  “Dingle Dangle” Scarecrow

  Kids can make a scarecrow to scare away the crows from the garden.  Kids can also work on answering “where” questions and vocabulary skills by playing “Where Do They Sleep?”

Halloween Apps for Speech Therapy

Word Search Halloween

This app is made by AFKSoft.  It’s really great for older school age kids.  I like to use word searches in speech therapy.  Once we find the words, I have the child choose 5-8 words and use them in sentences to work on sentence structure and grammar.  They are also great to use with your fluency clients.

Peekaboo Trick or Treat

This one is my FAVORITE!!  I love using it with the kids.  When I use this app, I place my IPad out of the arm’s reach of the child.  When the doors start to shake, they must sign/gesture/verbalize “OPEN.”  Then they can open the doors to see the Halloween character dancing.  Then we use 2 word phrases to tell the character “BYE {Monster}” and close the door to wait on the next character.  I made a playdough SMUSH mat for this app.  You can find the FREEBIE here!!  As we go through the app, the kids can smush playdough on the characters that we see.  We can also work on MLU expansion with sentences like “I see a {robot.}”

Toca Boo

Oh my gosh! This app has been a blast for the little ones! I have used it to work on following directions such as “Put the ghost behind the tent” or “Tuck the ghost in the bed.” Then listened to your students giggle at the reactions of the scaredy cats!

Frankenstein – Baby Lit

I love the Baby Lit series of books. They take the classics, like Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” and turn it into bright pictures and simple text for little ones. A couple of years ago, I bought my niece a couple for Christmas. This app is just as cute! The kids are able to create Frankenstein and bring him to live…literally, they pull the switch and watch him rise up! Then you can feed him, dress him, or listen to the story.

Sago Babies Dress Up

Sago is an awesome app creator! I like this particular app because you can use it all year round! Pick one of the 4 animal babies sitting on the porch. Then dress them up! I like to work on understanding body language with this app because the animal will show if they like what you chose for them through body language and facial expressions.

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So there’s my favorite speech therapy apps for Halloween.  What are some of yours?

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