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Speech Therapy Theme Review: Pumpkins!

I know I have said it a hundred times before, but I LOVE SPEECH THERAPY in October!  Each week is so jam packed with different activities so that sessions are super busy and engaging.  Last week was no different.  Our theme was pumpkins.  Let’s get right into what we had going on.

Speech Therapy Activities with Pumpkins


Pumpkin Books for Speech Therapy

“Pumpkin Heads” is a great book.  I like the spontaneous language I get from my clients with this book.  The text is simple so it’s good for my early preschool clients up to kindergarten or first grade.  My older clients (2nd-4th grade) enjoy the book too!  We can use it to compare the pumpkin heads to regular pumpkins.  What makes it a pumpkin head?

The other book I like to use is “It’s Pumpkin Time!”  This is another favorite from Zoe Hall.  She also wrote a book in apple review and leaves review!  It’s informational and perfect for the pumpkin life cycle.  I like to read it and the apple one fairly close together (maybe separated by a week or two) and compare the two life cycles.

Product Details

I have few others that I use with my toddlers and some early preschool clients.

Five Little Pumpkins

Pete the Cat and Five Little Pumpkins

Where is Baby’s Pumpkin?

TpT Activities for Speech Therapy

I added several new activities to my TpT store this past week.  (Actually, I have been adding several activities each week for a while!)  If you are following me on TpT, you will get notifications on new products.  Now back to the good stuff!

First, we’ll start with the FREEBIE in the store!  It’s a  simple make and take booklet that addresses the concepts of big and little.

Big Pumpkin, Little Pumpkin Book for Speech and Language

Need to work on vocabulary?  Use these mats with playdough or mini erasers to address anything from naming clothing to giving the function of an object.  The minute these hit the store, I had sold 3 copies!  Use them all throughout the fall or mix them up with some of my other fall themed mats!

I have been working a lot on quantity concepts lately!  So naturally, I would create some cute make and take booklets to use with my kiddos!  This set includes a quantity booklet as well as an opposite one.  They are easy prep and easy to send home for extra practice!

Here’s another set of booklets to work on possessive pronouns and spatial concepts!

Pumpkin Concept Books for Speech Therapy-Possesive Pronouns and Spatial Concepts

The last activity set I used during pumpkin week  my articulation packet.  It has four activities that are just pumpkin themed!  One of the four activities is a set of playdough smash mats like the below.

Good Speech, Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice-An Articulation Packet

Pumpkin Craft for Speech Therapy

The craft this week was pretty easy.  Cover a paper plate with pieces of orange paper while working on your goals.  This was from last year’s craft.  This year we added more orange paper and took away the leaf.

Speech Therapy Artic Pumpkin

Pumpkin Sensory Bin

Our sensory bin this week had two purposes.  The first was articulation.  On plastic pumpkins, I wrote numbers 1-5 on all of them.  A child could “pick” a pumpkin and say his target word correctly that number of times.  So if he chose a pumpkin with 3, he had to say his word 3x.

Speech Therapy Pumpkin Bin

The second activity in the sensory bin was this question matching game.  (Psst.. if you are a TpT store follower, you received it for FREE in your newsletter!)  Cut up the answer cards and hide them in the sensory bin like I did.

Pumpkin Patch Wh- Questions Speech Therapy Game

Then use the “bingo” type board to match the answers to the correct question type!

Pumpkin Patch Wh Questions Game for Speech Therapy

What are some your favorite pumpkin activities to do in therapy?

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