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Speech Therapy Review: Pizza!

Last week, we had so much fun in speech therapy.  What kid doesn’t love pizza?  Ok…I have met a couple.  But most kids love pizza.

 Pizza Activities for Speech Therapy

Pizza Books for Speech Therapy

We had a couple of different books that I used depending on the child.  “Pete’s A Pizza” by William Steig is really cute book.  Pete is upset that it’s outside and he can’t play football with his friends.  His father doesn’t like seeing him sad.  He decides to make Pete into a pizza.

Our other book was “Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza.”  Really cute story lending itself to talking about helping others.  Of course, an obvious activity for older kiddos would be to compare/contrast with the original “Little Red Hen.”  The activity pictured here is part of my “Cooking Up Good Speech and Language” from my TpT shop.

Need more pizza themed activities?  I got your back!

Pizza Pronoun Books for Speech Therapy

Pizza Craft for Speech Therapy

Our craft for the speech therapy sessions was fun and easy prep.  Each child started with a small paper plate.  The child colored the outside edge brown to resemble pizza crust.  You can either have the child paint the “sauce” or cut a red blob of sauce from construction paper.  By the end of the week, I preferred the construction paper blob.  The red paint tended to not dry fast enough so the yellow paper would soak the red paint up.  I cut up small strips of yellow paper to represent cheese.  The red circles are pepperonis.  For my artic clients, I wrote the target words on each pepperoni.  Some of the kids liked bell peppers on their pizza so we used short pieces of green pipe cleaners.  The bottom pizza was made by a child working on asking questions to get his materials.

The sensory bin above was a fun activity for my tots.  You could easily adapt the bin to articulation or harder language target.  I got the bin and the foam animal pieces from Dollar Tree.  The shredded brown paper came from the gift wrapping department of a local discount store.  I cut strips of yellow paper for cheese.  I found a small checker game in Dollar Tree.  The red checkers served as pepperonis and the black ones were black olives.  I also cut small pieces of green pipe cleaners as green bell pepper.

Other fun activities to do:

Graph students’ favorite pizzas and talk about most liked and least liked

Make simple pizzas with tortillas, pizza sauce, cheese and pepperoni

What do you like to do during your pizza theme?


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