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Speech Therapy Review: Apples!

Fall is here…well almost.  Ok, let’s be honest, I live in Texas and we don’t usually have fall.  So hurray for temps less than 100 degrees!!  A couple of weeks ago we had a theme of apples in speech therapy.  I am not sure why but apples is so much fun to use in speech therapy!  I use some things every year and I add some new stuff each year too.


Book:  “The Apple Pie Tree” by Zoe Hall

I love this little book. Kids don’t realize that apples don’t come first.   The text is simple yet it goes through the entire life cycle of an apple tree.

Why just read about apple pie?  Why not experience it?!  We used this adorable apple pie set from Melissa and Doug to get some great language.  We had to slice the apple up and place it in the pie shell.  Cover it up wit the pie topping and let it “cook!”  We always use oven mitts because the pie is HOT!


The kids were also able to play in the apple pie sensory bin.  You get can more info on that here.  Oh my goodness, this one smells yummy!


Some of my kiddos worked on articulation and they love the playdough mats!  I made the playdough super special.  I took a regular jar of red playdough and mixed 1 tablespoon of apple pie spice in it.  It smells so good, you’ll be craving apple pie all day!  You can find my “Apples on a Tree” playdough mats here.  You can find a couple other apple activities in my TpT store as well!


Our craft was lots of fun for the kids and simple for me to prepare!


We took a small paper plate and covered it with pieces of green construction paper.  I traced each child’s hand AND arm on brown construction paper.  We cut it out and glued it to the plate (see above).  Then taking a sheet of red dot stickers, I wrote target words for each child.  Every time they said a word correctly 5x, they stuck the “apple” on the tree.

What’s your favorite apple activity?



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