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Speech Therapy Theme Review: Crayons and Articulation

The kids are back in school so what better time to talk about colors in speech therapy?!  My littles focus on color-sorting things by color, learning basic colors, etc.  But my school kids are just too old for that.  So we used the theme of crayons in our speech therapy sessions.

Book for Speech Therapy

“The Day the Crayons Quit”

To address articulation, I developed this little packet that could actually help you over 2 sessions.  The first session we read the above book and complete the open ended drill activity in the Crayon Packet.  The next session, we complete the craft (see below) and drill with the play dough mats.

Articulation Crayon Playdough Mats

Crayon Craft for Speech Therapy

Our craft this was cute and super easy!   Here’s what you need:

1/2 sheet of yellow paper



small strips of red, blue, green, purple,orange

Green Marker

How do it:

Step 1:  Make sure your yellow paper was cut across (not lengthwise).  Fold in half.  Then fold a small flap back.  Glue/staple the sides of your “box” from the bottom fold to the small flap.



Step 2:  Cut your small strips of assorted colors.  Make sure they all have points at the end (to look like crayons!)

Step 3:  Decorate your yellow “crayon box” to look like a crayon box with your green marker.

Step 4:  Write target words on each crayon.  As the child says each one correctly 5x, he can place the “crayon” in the box.


And you are done!  Send the craft home for extra practice!

Need more back to school suggestions?  Check out my favorite back to school books!

What’s your favorite activity during the back to school/crayons theme?


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