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Using Mrs. Wishy Washy in Speech Therapy

When I first started in speech therapy, I had no idea who Mrs. Wishy Washy was.  About 4 years into being an SLP assistant, I was working on expanding my farm theme.  I was stuck on ways to stretch the theme in my speech therapy sessions.  I needed lessons that would address my goals with my little ones.  Then one day while researching books, I found her!  (Cue the clouds parting to allow bright beams of light to shine down on me!)  There were tons of activities!  So I took my favorites and have been using them ever since!


Here are some ideas to use Mrs. Wishy Washy in your speech therapy sessions.

Initial W sound:  It’s used throughout the book making it a great one to use while addressing this sound.

SH sound:  Again, it’s used a lot!  Great book to use while targeting this sound.

Simple Verbs: I used this book for my kiddos that were working on basic verbs or “-ing” verbs.

Prepositions:  Create your own story props with a brown paper “mud puddle,” a small bucket and plastic/stuffed animals.  Talk about the animals being “in” the mud, “out” of the mud or “in” the bathtub.  Ask “where” questions so that they child has to use the concept in a short sentence/phrase.  I like to use the plastic animals so that we can get them “dirty.”  If you use plastic animals, have a bowl of chocolate pudding to be your “mud.”

Simple Opposites: Use the above idea to also work on “clean,” “dirty,” “wet,” “dry” or “in,” “out.”

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What are some fun things you do with this book?


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