Themed Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy Craft Time! Build a Barn

During farm week, we built barns in our speech therapy sessions.  It started out as an articulation craft but transformed into a language activity too!  Pair this easy craft with some of the books and toys I talked about in my theme review!


Here’s what you need (Materials needed for EACH child):

8 strips of red paper

3 strips of brown paper

1 piece of blue paper

2 squares of brown paper (1 small and 1 large)

Glue, Scissors, Markers

Step 1:  Cut your strips of paper.  Cut your strips out of both colors now.

Step 1
Step 1

Step 2:

Write target words on the red strips on both ends.  Not in the middle!


Step 3:

As the child glues the red strips on his blue paper, have him produce both target words correctly 3x.  Once all the red strips are glued down, use the brown strips to make a “roof.”  Draw barn door details on the big square and glue.  Glue the small square at the top.

Finished Craft
Finished Craft!

You can adapt this craft for grammar by replacing the articulation targets with verbs or nouns that you are addressing.  I wrote an irregular verb on each side.  Before gluing the strip down, the child had to use both of the verbs in sentences correctly!  That easy adaptation makes this perfect for mixed groups!!!

What fun craft do you use during farm week?


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