Usborne Books & Speech Therapists: Part 1

Speech Therapists love Usborne books!  I am always shocked when I find a speech therapist that does not know about Usborne books.  I am ever so eager to tell them all my favorites and why I love them for therapy.


I broke this down into a series of posts so that I could talk more about each of the books I really love.   Today’s post is about the “That’s Not My…” books.  These books are great for babies up to preschool.  I especially love to use them with my clients that are Autistic.  Here’s why I think these books are great for your speech therapy sessions.

  1.  Bright colors!  We know that bright colors attract little ones’ attention.  (I even turn my head to brightly colored things!)  The colors draw them in while the pictures and simple text keep them.
  2. Durable!  These books are very durable, making them a staple in my therapy sessions.  (Plus Usborne has a terrific replacement policy!!!)  Kids can flip through the pages as fast as they want.  I don’t have to worry about a page getting ripped.
  3. Appropriate for a range of ages!  Depending on how you use these books, you can stretch these from your infant clients to preschool.
  4. Textures!  The kids can touch and feel these books all they want!  Each page has a different texture for the kiddos to feel.  The textures also keep the child engaged with the book.  The kids get excited to flip to the next page and feel a different texture.
  5. New Vocabulary!  The textures help teach the adjectives.  It provides a concrete idea of what fuzzy, smooth and rough feel like.  This makes them a HUGE PLUS for your kids with Autism.
  6. Easy to work on negatives and opposites!  Negatives are difficult for preschool to kindergarten.  These books allow themselves to help you teach the concept.  The text is simple enough to discuss what you are looking for.  Example is “That’s not my monkey.  His feet are too smooth.”  So does the monkey you are looking have smooth feet?  No.  What kind of feet does he have? Rough feet.

I have listed a few favorites with their links below!

“That’s Not My Dinosaur” because kids love dinosaurs!

“That’s Not My Mermaid” for the girls!

“That’s Not My Pirate” for the treasure loving boys!

“That’s Not My”  Zoo box set includes 5 books for all your zoo animal loving kids!!



** I am a consultant for the Usborne Book company.  Any links posted here are a direct line to my website so you may purchase the book.**


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