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Speech Therapy Theme Review: Beach Time!

I know school is back in session and the beach is far from all of our minds…well, maybe.  But I HAD to write about our recent speech therapy sessions using the beach theme!  Since I work year round, I like to do a beach theme in July.

Beach Speech Therapy Activities

Book: There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Shell:  Everyone loves the Old Lady books!

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Shell! by [Colandro, Lucille]I used some fun activities from my TpT shop as well as from other SLP’s shops!  I loved Panda Speech’s interactive book, “What’s in the Sand?”  It’s a great activity to use with all of my clients!  I have several kiddos that benefit greatly from having visuals to help them speak.  If you have kiddos like that, this book is perfect!

What's In the Sand? An interactive & adaptive book

My favorite part of the week was the craft!!  I loved the sandcastles the kids made!!  I found the idea on Pinterest from Crazy Speech World.  It is so simple!  I gave the kids a piece of blue construction paper.  Then we ripped a piece of manila paper and wrote the articulation words on each piece.  As the child said a word correctly 5x, we glued it onto the blue paper.  I adapted the craft to fit my grammar kids.  I wrote irregular past tense verbs/plural nouns on each piece.  The child had to use the word correctly in a sentence before gluing it on the blue paper.  This one (pictured below) worked on regular past tense verbs.


At week’s end, the kids had worked so hard!  So I found mini sand bucket/shovel sets at “5 Below” for $1 each!  I gave each kiddo a set as their prize for the end of the week!


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